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Good To Eat

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Baked Potato Soup Mix

Add your choice of vegetables for a fresh and delicious soup. Each packet serves 6. Double Pack box.
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Beef Sticks

These beef sticks make a protein packed, fun to eat snack. Made with the best beef and spices. 9 oz.
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Beef Summer Sausage

This slim sausage makes delicious neat cracker size slices. Features a rich black casing. 11 oz.
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Birthday Cake Popcorn 1 Gallon

Birthday cake popcorn is a party in a bag. We take our freshly popped corn and cover it in a sweet vanilla glaze, then finish it off with confetti sprinkles.
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Butter Popcorn 1 Gallon Bag

Bring the movies home with this sweet butter flavor popcorn. 1 gallon resealable bag.
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Butter Toasted Peanuts

Crunchy toasted peanuts with a rich, buttery taste. 9 oz. Pull top Can.
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Caramel Apple Cheesecake Mix

Transport your taste buds to the Carnival with one bite of this apple caramel cheesecake. You can practically feel the autumn wind and see the leaves falling as you taste this delightful creamy dreamy dessert. Serves 8.
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Cashew Caramel Clusters

Loaded with lots of roasted cashews dripping with caramel and wrapped in milk chocolate. 8 oz. box
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Celebration Snack Mix

Created to celebrate our 85th anniversary, this new favorite is a special mix. By combining our Sea Salt & Pepper Peanuts with our Honey Roasted peanuts and equal portions of red and white chocolate gems, the combination is amazing and a reason to celebrate enjoy. 11 oz. can.
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Cheddar Cheese 1/2 Gallon

This cheese popcorn recipe uses real cheddar cheese and butter for a savory snack the whole family will love.
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Cheddar Cheese Popcorn 1 Gallon Bag

A classic flavor with just the right amount of bold cheddar cheese. 1 gallon resealable bag.
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Cheese Ball Trio

A great tasting blend of spices come together to form an explosion of flavor when combined with cream cheese. Packaged in our signature box that makes a great gift, each of the three mixes has a delightful and unique flavor profile. Includes one packet of each: Jalapeno Garlic, Taste of Tuscany, and Gusto Garlic Pesto Cheese. Each packet serves 8.
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