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Allium Giant Purple Sensation - 5 Bulbs

Hundreds of tiny violet purple flowers tightly compressed to look like one gorgeous round baseball sized flower on 20-30" stems. Blooms spring through early summer.
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Cool Blue Collection 46 Bulbs

Create an effective color accent in your spring garden with our Cool Blue Collection. We've put together 46 bulbs: Crocus, Grape Hyacinths, Dutch Iris, and striped Squill, all with flowers in shades of blue. When planted together in the garden or grouped together in containers they create a delightful spring display of blue flowers that everyone will say is really cool.
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Mixed Anemone Blanda - 15 Bulbs

Cute Colorful and carefree daisy like blooms in a mixture of hot pink, pure white and light blue. They naturalize easily to provide a welcomed spring spectacle of color year after year.
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Mixed Daffodils 8 Bulbs

Ideal for naturalizing charming planted in colorful drifts or in small groups in the garden. Grows 12-24 inches tall.
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Mixed Dutch Iris 7 Bulbs

Exotic looking flowers in shades of blue, violet, yellow, tri-colors and pristine white...delightful in the garden, exquisite in arrangements. Very winter hardy, blooming profusely in mid spring. Grows 16 inches tall.
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Mixed Hyacinths 3 Bulbs

Enjoy the delightful fragrance, the vibrant colors and the amazing vigor of the hyacinth collection. These winter hardy bulbs flower reliably on sturdy stems a foot tall, whether planted in full sun or partial shade. Grows 8-12 inches tall.
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Mixed Rock Garden Allium - 15 Bulbs

Includes these varieties: white, which grows to 20 inches tall, sunny yellow reaching a height of over a foot and deep rose pink which grows a petite 4 inches. All bloom in late spring and early summer and thrive in almost all conditions.
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Mixed Tulips 10 Bulbs

Bring your spring garden to life with this delightful rainbow mixture of top grade bulbs. Grows 20-24 inches tall.
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Paperwhite Narcissus

Just plant the bulbs, water, and in only 4 to 6 weeks, you'll have a delightfully scented indoor garden. Vases not included. 3 Bulbs
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Pink Allium - 25 Bulbs

Flower buds burst open like sparklers to reveal beautiful flowers. Each umbel can produce up to 30 bell shaped flowers that lift up as the stem ages. A truly unique variety perfect for borders and the natural garden. Grows 6-8" tall.
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Pink Tulip Blend - 10 Bulbs

Pretty in Pink. This new pink blend of top grad pink tulips is sure to brighten up your landscape as well as your cut flower arrangements. From frilly soft pinks to bold bi-colors, you'll enjoy them for many years to come. Grows 12-24 inches tall.
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Sky Blue Lily - 10 Bulbs

Elegant sprays of stunning blue grace the late spring garden a delightful accent planting of beautiful color contrast. Sturdy stems over a foot tall. Grows 12-18 inches tall.
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