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Good To Eat

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Cinnamon Toast Popcorn 1 Gallon

Full of fresh butter, sugar & real cinnamon. It will bring memories of your favorite cinnamon toast cereal.
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Cranberry Nut Mix

Cranberries,raisins,peanuts, cashew halves, banana chips, almonds and walnuts. 7 oz. Pull top can.
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Creamy Chicken & Wild Rice Soup Mix

Double pack box. Simply bursts with flavor and so easy to make. A rich and creamy soup just like you would find at your favorite restaurant or deli. Each pack serves 3.
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Creamy Tomato Basil Bisque Mix

Double pack box. A delectable creamy tomato basil bisque, with flavors reminiscent of those found in the best bistros and corner bakeries. Each pack serves 6.
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Dip Trio

Homemade Gourmet's best selling dips packaged in our signature box. A great gift. Includes a single recipe size packet of: BLT Dip Mix, It's the Real Dill Dip Mix and Jalapeno Bacon Cheddar Dip Mix. Each packet serves 16.
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Donut Shop Blend Coffee Pods

Traditional coffee shop taste-a hearty medium roast.
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Double Box Pecanbacks

2 boxes of 5 oz. Plump pecans are covered with fresh caramel then drenched in creamy milk chocolate. Made in USA
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Double Chocolate Drizzle Popcorn 1 Gallon

Our delicious butter Caramel Corn drizzled with layers of rich dark chocolate. AMAZING!
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Dulce De Leche Owls

Playful milk chocolate owls are hosting a fresh, milky caramel center. 5.1 oz. box.
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English Butter Toffee

Crunchy toffee handcrafted in small batches, drenched in milk chocolate and dusted with almond silvers. 6 oz Box.
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Fiesta Mix 1 lb. Bag

Milk chocolate buttons blended with raisins and roasted peanuts. Large 1lb bag. Made in the USA.
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Fiesta Soup Trio

All of our flavorful fiesta soups in our signature box. A great gift. Includes one single recipe size packet of each: Chicken Enchilada Soup Mix, Tortilla Soup Mix, and Taco Soup Mix. Each packet serves 6-8.
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