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#1111 Salted Gourmet Virginia Peanuts

Our most famous Super Extra Large peanuts "blistered" and salted for delicious snacking. 10 oz. can.
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#1131 Honey Roasted Peanuts

We have received hundreds of requests over the years to produce Honey Roasted peanuts and these are worth the wait...One can will definitely not be enough. 9 oz. can.
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#1162 Celebration Snack Mix

Created to celebrate our 85th anniversary, this new favorite is a special mix. By combining our Sea Salt & Pepper Peanuts with our Honey Roasted peanuts and equal portions of red and white chocolate gems, the combination is amazing and a reason to celebrate enjoy. 11 oz. can.
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#1170 Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate chips nestled in a delicious buttery cookies. 1 lb. of delicious mini cookies.
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#1172 Triple Chocolate Cookies

Dark and white chocolate chips blended with a delicious chocolate cookies.
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#1176 Milk Chocolate Pecan Mini Cookies

Fresh pecans are mixed with rich chocolate chips and combined in a creamy cookies. Approx. 100 mini cookies. 1 lb.
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#1178 Old Bay Seasoned Snack Mix

We took our Virginia Diner's famous Trail Mix, mixed with cashews, roasted almonds, pepita seeds and sesame sticks, and blended it with our Old Bay seasoned peanuts. Great while tailgating or anywhere else. 9 oz. can
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#1411 Smoked Cajun Virginia Peanuts

Full of Cajun flavor, these peanuts look innocent enough but pack a spicy spark that can sneak up on you. 10 oz. can
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#1605 Honey Roasted Peanuts 1 LB

Honey and sugar sweetens these freshly roasted peanuts. 16 oz. Value Bag
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#1617 Hot Cajun Crunch 1 LB

Hot Cajun corn sticks, Cajun peanuts, pretzels and sesame sticks. 16 oz. Value Bag
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#1660 Jalapeno Cheddar Venison Snack Sticks

Venison and pork mixed in a special blend of spices for this amazing snack. 7 (1 oz.) sticks.
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#2039 Tailgate Snack Mix

The Virginia Diner's famous peanuts, cashews and roasted almonds combined together with pepita seeds and sesame sticks. All blended together with a savory and salty seasoning. Great while tailgating or anywhere else. 9 oz. can
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