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#0077 Sweet Soft Fruit Slices

Gummies with a sweet taste of assorted fruit flavors.
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#0102 Mixed Tulips 10 Bulbs

Bring your spring garden to life with this delightful rainbow mixture of top grade bulbs. Grows 20-24 inches tall.
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#0103 "Queen Of The Night" Tulips 10-Bulbs

An unusual maroon purple with a steel blue sheen so dark its often referred to as the black tulip. 10 premium bulbs.
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#0105 Cool Blue Collection 46 Bulbs

Create an effective color accent in your spring garden with our Cool Blue Collection. We've put together 46 bulbs: Crocus, Grape Hyacinths, Dutch Iris, and striped Squill, all with flowers in shades of blue. When planted together in the garden or grouped together in containers they create a delightful spring display of blue flowers that everyone will say is really cool.
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#0107 Mixed Daffodils 8 Bulbs

Ideal for naturalizing charming planted in colorful drifts or in small groups in the garden. Grows 12-24 inches tall.
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#0111 Mixed Hyacinths 3 Bulbs

Enjoy the delightful fragrance, the vibrant colors and the amazing vigor of the hyacinth collection. These winter hardy bulbs flower reliably on sturdy stems a foot tall, whether planted in full sun or partial shade. Grows 8-12 inches tall.
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#0113 Allium Giant Purple Sensation - 5 Bulbs

Hundreds of tiny violet purple flowers tightly compressed to look like one gorgeous round baseball sized flower on 20-30" stems. Blooms spring through early summer.
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#0117 Mixed Anemone Blanda 15 Bulbs

Cute, colorful and carefree daisy like blooms in a mixture of hot pink, pure white and light blue. They naturalize easily to provide a welcomed spring spectacle of color year after year.
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#0120 Spring Rock Garden Collection 60 Bulbs

Mound some soil embed a few rocks in it, tuck these little charmers into the spaces between them and enjoy a delightful spring rock garden. Anemone Blanda Mix, Scilla Siberica, Glory of the Snow, and dwarf Iris Reticulata mix give you a medley of colors and flower forms that last from early to late spring. 60 bulbs in all. All naturalize readily to come back spring after spring. Grows 6-8 inches tall.
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#0138 Sky Blue Lily - 10 Bulbs

Elegant sprays of stunning blue grace the late spring garden a delightful accent planting of beautiful color contrast. Sturdy stems over a foot tall. Grows 12-18 inches tall.
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#0140 Silicone Muffin Pan

Durable and flexible. This 6 cup muffin pan releases food easily and will not retain odors and flavor. Oven safe up to 500 degrees. Dishwasher and microwave safe. 6-1/2"W x 9-3/4"L.
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#0152 Mixed Rock Garden Allium - 15 Bulbs

Includes these varieties: white, which grows to 20 inches tall, sunny yellow reaching a height of over a foot and deep rose pink which grows a petite 4 inches. All bloom in late spring and early summer and thrive in almost all conditions.
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